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EM35x USB Blaster


Figure 1 shows a picture of CZP-001

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Prototype and Production Programming


The CZP-001 is a stand-alone USB programmer that allows for programming Ember’s EM35x devices during prototype and low volume production. While the CZP-001 can not be used for multi programming now, but , we will development for parallel programming in near future. It has not been tested and proven in a dema n ding, cost-sensitive environment .


This programmer plugs into a USB port and connects to Ember ’s standard In Sight Port connector on either an Ember radio communication module or a customer board.


Centron provides programmer no debug interface. It is important to note that the CZP-001 does not supply power to the device that is being programmed. Power must be provided to the device externally.


A scriptable command line interface allows a low-cost solution for low-volume production programming. However, please note that parallel programming should not be done with the CZP-001 production


EM35x USB Blaster(Flash Programmer) CZP-001