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상품 설명


The Debug Adapter (ISA3) offers:

  • Programming and debugging of the Ember EM35x chip family
  • Programming speed up to 3 MHz (tested to 10’ cable length)
  • Power-over-Ethernet conversion, no power supply needed
  • One self-powered USB jack, for applications not using PoE
  • Support for 10/100 Ethernet protocols (TCP/IP and UDP) through an RJ-45 connector
  • – Auto-Rate negotiation for either 10 or 100 Mbps Ethernet
  • – Auto-MDIX detection and switching
  • (allowing use of both normal and crossed RJ-45 cables)
  • Access to the EM35X UART (TTL-compatible) through the data emulation interface
  • Access to Virtual UART (VUART) serial port emulation through Packet Trace Port
  • Packet Trace Port signals individually buffered for RCM operation down to 2.1 V
  • Target Power Select Switch (Internal vs. External)
  • Target Over-current Detection
  • USB-support for administration and configuration
  • Debug Adapter (ISA3) factory defaults button


Cables included with Debug Adapter (ISA3):

  • USB cable
  • Packet Trace Port cable
  • Data emulation interface cable
  • Ethernet patch cable