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Matrix Starter Kit


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The Mareix Starter Kit is a powerful tool kit developed for makers and hobbyists by FriendlyARM.
It is an open source project.
It contains the most popular modules and can work with all FriendlyARM ARM boards, Raspberry Pi boards and Arduino boards.
Friendly ARM developed a complete wiki site ( and released rich materials and various tutorials on how to use the Matrix Starter Kit with the NanoPi, NanoPi2 and Tiny4412 boards.


Follow Your Mind, Implement Your ldeas, Just Do It.


Intuitive Design, Fine Engineering, Pro-environmental Materials, Plug & Play.



A Matrix Starter Kit contains :

LED Module, Button Module, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor,
Ultasonic ranger, PCF8574 LCD1602 IC Module, Joystick, Sound Sensor, Buzzer Module,
Digital Compass, Digital Accelerometer, ADC Module, Relay and etc.





The Matrix Starter Kit is suitable for creating projects in IOT, smart home appliances, mobile applications and etc.
With its rich materals and wide coverage of various sensors and modules open your mind, do it yourself and be an innovative maker.

Open Source Hardware, Inspiration of ldeas, Enjoy of innovations.

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FriendlyARM created interesting applications with the Matrix Starter Kit and ARM boards :
Doorbell System, Temperature and Humidity Alarm System, Wireless Control System,
Remote Control System, Ultrasonic Distance Detecting System, Smart Vehicle,
Robotic System, Electronic Calender and etc.




Complete Open Source Materials, Detailed Tutorials,
Officially Maintained Wiki, Rich Code Samples.





 For Mkers

 Item List :

1 x Buzzer Module 1 x Relay
1 x Digital Accelerometer 1 x ADC Module
1 x Joystick 1 x Ultrasonic Ranger
1 x Button Module 1 x Temperature Sensor
1 x PCF8574 LCD1602 IIC Module 1 x Temperature and Humidity Sensor
1 x Digital Compass 40 x Dupont Cable
1 x Sound Sensor 1 x Matrix Kit case
3 x LED Module





Wiki Site:

FriendlyARM Home Site:

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