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Smart WiFi Plug (S171)


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More Than A Timer

To Meet You Varied Timer Demand

Four-mode timer can be selected to satisfy kitchen apparatus, lambs, watering device, fan, bell, etc applications. It may ve used to light up lambs randomly to pretend someone were at home when nobody stay at home for a prior of time.

A uique cloud server will be connected when remote control by the APP is needed, no matter where you are, at the office of outdoors, you can control varied device or apparatus over hte lnternet easily if WiFi and telecom signal are available.


Unique Power Metering Fungtion

Monitor Power Consumption Precisely

  • Standerd EU plug, max 3500w(16A) external apparatus can be connected
  • Quickly installed APP and vuilt-in tutorial, easy to learn operate
  • Local and remote control with WiFi or telecom signal available
  • Real-time power ON/OFF control and varied timers setup
  • Precisely monitor the power consumption of a connected device
  • OTA(Over the air) firmware upgrade supported