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NanoPi NEO Air-LTS [V1.1]


* 부가세별도
상품코드 : 00006413
납기일 : 7~10일
재고 : 해외

상품 설명

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CPU Model: Allwinner H3
Number of Cores: Quad-core
Frequency: 4*Cortex-A7 Up to 1.2GHz
Memory RAM: 512MB
Storage eMMC: 8GB/32GB
MicroSD Slot: MicroSD*1 for external storage up to 128GB
Connectivity WiFi: 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth: 4.0 dual mode
Antenna*1: IPX Connector
Audio Audio input/output Port: 2.0mm pitch 4-pin header
Video DVP Camera: 0.5mm pitch 24 pin FPC seat
USB MicroUSB*1: MicroUSB 2.0, OTG & Power In, Type A
USB Host: 2.54mm pin*2
Pin-header GPIO1: 2.54mm spacing 24pin,It includes UART,SPI,I2C,GPIO
GPIO2: 2.54mm spacing 12pin,It includes USBx2,IR,SPDIF,I2S
Serial Debug Port: 2.54mm pitch 4-pin-header
Audio input/output Port: 2.0mm pitch 4-pin header
Others Working Temperature: -20℃ to 70℃
Power DC 5V/2A

OS Support FriendlyCore(based on UbuntuCore-16.04)
Third party: Armbian, DietPi, Lakka, Kali, OpenWrt etc
Kernel version Linux-4.14-LTS
uboot supports fastboot to update uboot
FriendlyCore rpi-monitor: check system status and information
npi-config: system configuration utility for setting passwords, language, timezone, hostname,SSH and auto-login,and enabling/disabling i2c, spi, serial and PWMnetworkmanager: manage network
software utility: RPi.GPIO_NP to access GPIO pins
welcome window with basic system information and status
auto-login with user account “pi” with access to npi-config
on first system boot file system will be automatically extended
supports file system auto check and repair on system boot
supports FriendlyElec’s NanoHat-PCM5102A
supports FriendlyElec’s Matrix_-_2.8_SPI_Key_TFT
supports file transfer with Bluetooth
supports FriendlyElec BakeBit modules
supports dynamic frequency scaling and voltage regulation
Ubuntu OLED supports FriendlyElec’s OLED module
Eflasher supports flashing OS image to eMMC
Debian for NAS Dock supports FriendlyElec’s NAS Dock

PCB Six Layer
Dimension 40*40mm
Weight 7.5g(WITHOUT Pin-headers)


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